LNG in Oil and Gas

Gain economic, environmental and operational benefits by powering drilling and completion equipment with LNG fuel. This alternative to diesel and electricity delivers cost savings and reduced emissions.
Oil and gas companies can use LNG to fuel equipment like drilling rigs and completion gear. Linde supplies the fuel, equipment, personnel and services to set up a safe LNG fueling program. We can even help you determine the best conversion technology and introduce you to select technology and equipment vendors.

Convert to LNG
  • Lower cost fuel that can be sourced 100% domestically

  • Lower emissions, including NOx, particulates, SOx and CO2

  • Return on conversion investment is typically under a year

  • Ease of transport, storage and usage

Make Linde Your LNG Fuel Provider
  • We provide the technologies, equipment, supplies and services for a complete and customizable LNG fueling program.

  • We're renowned for world-class project management, on-site process optimization and research and development.

  • We know oil and gas operations. Linde supplies liquid nitrogen and CO2 product and on-site services for completion across much of the United States.

  • We know cryogens. Linde owns and operates 1,000 plants and safely and reliably make several million deliveries of cryogenic gases annually.

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The Case for LNG Fueling Solutions for Drilling and Completion

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