LNG in Transportation

Linde's credentials in LNG run deep. With activities across the natural gas supply chain, Linde is a leader in LNG production, supply management and fueling stations. We also designed, built and operate the largest and most successful biogas-based LNG plant of its kind in the world.
There are plenty of reasons to choose LNG to fuel heavy-duty trucks. And there are numerous reasons to choose Linde as your LNG partner.

Make LNG Your Transportation Fuel
  • Lower life-cycle cost for high fuel-use fleets

  • Driving ranges up to 600 miles between refueling

  • Growing network of natural gas fueling stations; refueling as simple and quick as diesel or gasoline

  • 100% domestically produced fuel

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive

  • Lower NOx, particulates, SOx and CO2 than diesel

  • Quieter than conventional diesel motors

Make Linde Your LNG Fuel Provider
  • We own and operate 1,000 plants and safely and reliably make several million deliveries of cryogenic gases annually.

  • We offer the technologies, equipment, supplies and services for a complete, safe and customizable LNG fueling program.

  • With our Cryostar subsidiary, we produce and service permanent and mobile LNG and LCNG (liquefied compressed natural gas) refueling stations.

  • We offer world-class project management, on-site process optimization and research and development.

  • We're a customer too. Linde is building its LNG-fueled truck fleet by converting existing vehicles to LNG and purchasing new LNG-fueled tractors.

LNG Technology

Linde meets its LNG commitments with numerous production technologies developed in-house and with the Gas Technology Institute. The "GTI" small-scale liquefaction technology enables:
  • Efficient and economical production of LNG at rates of 10,000+ gallons per day

  • Pipeline-based production of LNG close to points of use

  • Potential to recover and monetize stranded gas

  • Production from renewable methane sources – landfills, wastewater treatment plants, agricultural sources, also from associated and stranded gas and coal beds, coal mines

LNG Equipment

Customers with the most demanding needs will find complete solutions from Linde. We specialize in cryogenic equipment, delivering pumps, turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, and turnkey LNG, LCNG and CNG filling stations and more. All our equipment is managed by dedicated automatic systems and ready for remote maintenance for 24/7 service.

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